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    Workceed is a startup company working in the field of social and economic issues, specifically unemployment. While dwelling in the problem itself, we found out the three crucial things that fuel the unemployment: – Lack of expertise – Lack of communication between employer – employee – Overwhelming information on the social platforms Workceed is a platform working with a smart algorithm that strengthens the expertise, makes communication easier and shares only the valuable information with the user. Being a hybrid of an employment agency, LinkedIn and Facebook it shares the best aspect of the three. The site does all the merging, creating a simple user experience. The companies get only A-grade employees and the users get only the jobs they can apply to or are eligible for. There is no middleman needed. Our objective is getting as many users and companies online, but our vision is a lot bigger than that. We want to reshape the social media and its impact on society. Instead of procrastinating online – we want users to invest their time and get value out of it through Workceed.