• Бизнис идејата „Слушни слика“ победник на Наградата за социјално претприемништво 2016

    Специјални очила кои ќе им овозможат на лицата со оштетен вид да ги препознаваат објектите кои се наоѓаат во непосредна близина на слепото лице е идејата која го освои првото место на Наградата за социјално претприемништво 2016. На свечената церемонија за прогласување на победниците која се одржа 29 септември 2016 во просториите на Хаб Скопје, на првонаградените им беше врачена парична награда од 3000 евра, од страна на Шпаркасе Банка Македонија, главен партнер на оваа програма.

     Денеска во светот живеат над 285 милиони лица кои имаат трајно оштетен вид или се целосно слепи. Сите знаеме дека овој медицински проблем е речиси неизлечлив, а и во оние ситуации каде има шанси за подобрување, кои се релативно мали, давачките се огромни. Користејќи ги придобивките од технологијата, преку слушалки, корисникот ќе биде известуван за објектите во неговата непосредна близина. Самиот производ е замислено да биде по релативно ниска цена, достапна за секој, изјави Игор Кировски од победничкиот тим.

    Втората награда во висина од 2000 евра стручното жири ја додели на ресторанот за здрава храна Фрешис, кој има развиено социјален бизнис модел во Македонија и 34% од профитот го донира во општествени цели. Фрешис редовно донира храна за бездомни лица и овозможува попуст за студентите,  а во иднина планира маргинализираните категории на граѓани да ги вклучи како свои соработници. Третото место го освои решението Сламахер кои се залагаат за изградба на енергетски ефикасни домови од сламени бали по достапни цени. Четвртото победничко решение избрано преку он-лајн гласање е проектот One can make it work, чиј тим ќе  добие дополнителна менторска и консултантска поддршка од компанијата Конто- Профит.

    За повеќе информации следете не и преку: #StudentsInMK #SIA2016 

  • Irina Janevska: To Win an Award is Different than Receiving a Grant, It’s More Competitive, More Public, And More Entrepreneurial

    Irina Janevska was one of the winners of the Social Impact Award in Macedonia in 2015. Her project Coolinari 2.0  is designed to help the students of the State Gastronomy School to recognize the potential of their profession and improve their skills for transition to the labor market. From the project, the students are able to benefit in numerous ways: attend workshops for improving their capacities and raise motivation; learn how to boost their CVs, write recipes and post them on a mobile app (RECEPTKO) and to the web page www.coolinari.mk. The project fuses a social partnership between the state school, CSO and the private sector. It’s been now months since Irina won the SIA Macedonia 2015, so let’s check on her team how did they progress!

    Mladiinfo: As we are now several months past, did the ‘SIA experience’ helped you? If it helped you, tell us how? How did your idea for social business progressed?


    Irina: Indeed, it’s been few months since our memorable times of winning the SIA, and our Google Analytics reports say our photo and story on how we won the Award is still newsworthy. People click, like and share that story.   That’s the first effect of winning SIA that we felt.

    People like to hear fresh ideas, innovative approaches; they are tired of report-like-vocabulary, workshop minutes, goals and objectives, mission and vision.  What SIA gave to ARNO is the shift of the predictable narrative of “being an NGO, doing the NGO work” in Macedonia. It not only changed the way others perceive us, but it changed us. It changed the team, the relations, the bigger picture etc. At this point we are aware this sounds abstract, but translated into our near future plans the SIA effect will be very visible, soon.

    To win an Award is different than receiving a grant, it’s more competitive, it’s more public, and it’s more entrepreneurial. You are exposed to a whole new world of relations because you are pushed forward and everybody expects something award-winning to be done (in other words: huge, important).

    452With the great expectations of ARNO winning the second place with Coolinari 2.0, at first we got anxious, then chaotic, then we sat down, made a plan, spiced it up with many many different flavors and soon the lunch will be served. In the past months what we’ve learned is that “cooking” might be tiring and long, but it’s the process and not only the product one should enjoy. This might sound cliché to the readers, at least to the ones that know we are offering Cooking Classes, but it’s very true. From the very first “to do/shop list” to the boiling point, and to serving “your dish”.

    Mladiinfo: Over the summer, as one of the winners you attended the SIA VISION workshop, a  winners bootcamp that gathers all national winners? How was this experience for you?

    Irina: The bootcamp was amazing. The workshop was intense, demanding, it required full mental capacity and presence. It was THE different workshop because there was this bunch of young people-all of them winners in their countries, full of confidence, hungry for knowledge and open to talk every single aspect of any topic relevant for discussion.

    Putting yourself in the shoes of the other is a thing one can play and act on it, but when it is business oriented task it empowers people to be very honest and direct. That was my favorite take out from the Bootcamp. I met people that tested Coolinari 2.0 in their thoughts and shared views on what can work, what might not, what they like more, and less.  At personal level I also stretched my mind to fit in all that amazing ideas my fellow Europeans were developing. I’ve been thinking about the bakery of the underprivileged people in Sankt Petersburg, the mobile van with machines for washing clothes for homeless people in Greece, the Croatian effort to merge sophistically the old and new in designer clothing line etc.

    Mladiinfo: How did you experience Mladiinfo as the team who pushed the competition forward?

    Irina: Mladiinfo International has long record of proven impact and we are happy to be provided with all the help and encouragement at all stages during SIA. The mix of people that were talking to us, administrating the competition all the way from the beginning to the end, gave us confidence. That feeling that there is somebody who believes in you and your idea helped us in many moments. With Coolinari 2.0 we are doing something very unique and bold: we are pioneering social entrepreneurship in Macedonia, we are connecting many stakeholders, we have huge logistical challenges, first real coming out of NGO to the commercial markets, we are testing audiences, tailoring courses, negotiating prices, talking to public institutions, talking to the students-chefs, restaurants, supply stores…If it wasn’t the Maldiinfo optimistic and encouraging tone in all of it we would have much harder times and struggles to carry out our idea in our society.

    Mladiinfo: If it was January 2015 again, would you do it all over again?

    Irina: Generally this abstract question is being asked about things we did and we somehow regret, in line with the human nature of having a choice. You definitely got us a moment of silence when answering this question, but not in terms that our January 2015 decision wasn’t the right one, but in terms of how different is ARNO now, and how we (are able to) grow in so many possible ways. However SIA and do it all over again could not handle a No for an answer. If we are into a entrepreneurial drive and we respect every second of our time, then we see no point on why we should contemplate all the other possibilities. Yes, we won the Social Impact Award 2015, and we better go back to work now because next year we are getting the first place.